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Automatic cartoning machine is used for putting medicine bottles/boards/unguents into the folded cartons and then closing the ends of the cartons.Some models of the cartoning machines have additional function of seal labelling and shrink wrapping.Infeed entrance usually can be divided into three:one for manuals, one for medicine bottles/boards/unguents and one for cartons.The whole process from infeeding cartons to finally finishing package can be generally divided into four steps: carton coming downwards,erecting,filling and closing the ends. The action of carton coming downwards means, one sucker collects one carton from the carton infeed entrance, coming downwards to the main line for cartoning, one guide detent fixes the carton and one push pedal erects the carton; meanwhile two detents which can move forward will rise from the bottom and lock the two sides of the carton, erect the carton into right angle and drive the carton forward to the filling area.After filling the material into the carton, the organization of the machine will fold the two small flaps into the left and right guiderails, and then take the action of closing the cover. Before closing the cover, the organization will bend the tongue of the cover, then one push pedal will push and insert the tongue into the carton and fasten it. It’s a critical action to close the cover, whether it can be done well depends on the structure of the carton and accuracy of the machine adjustment.

YCZ-125B Cartoning Machine
YCZ-125B Cartoning Machine
(for medicine board/for medicine board,auto infeed cartons)
Model YCZ-125B
Speed 80-110cartons/min
Carton dimension (45-180)x(30-85)x(12-50)mm
Manual dimension (70-200)x(70-140)mm
Power 50Hz 380V 1.5KW
Air consumption 10-15L/MIN
Vacuum suction 0.06Mpa(comes with vacuum generator)
Weight around 850Kg
Machine dimension 2100x1100x1700mm
Carton requirement 250-350g/sq.m
Manual requirement 50-60g/sq.m
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